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What is Chromium 6?

Industrial and environmental chemical noticed in drinking water samples.

Ask most people about Chromium 6 and they may believe you're talking about a new rock group, but in reality this chemical appears just about any place where there have been industrial processes or manufacturing. Also called Hexavalent Chromium, or the Erin Brockovich Chemical, this substance has become associated with cases of cancer and other illnesses.

What is the minimum safe level for hexavalent chromium? The EPA standard is 100 parts per billion, but the State of California calculates that .02 parts per billion is a more realistic standard. It has been associated with gastrointestinal tumors, liver and kidney damage, and stomach cancer. For people with higher levels of Chromium 6 in their water, a reverse osmosis drinking water filter will reduce hexavalent chromium, but such filters do not filter water from showering, bathing, and hand washing.

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